2 Jan

I’m typically a very decisive person, but I have recently reached an epic stumbling block. I’m looking for a comfortable, cute shoe – which is functional for excessive walking. Previous Google searches for “best walking shoe” and “comfortable shoes that are fashionable” have shockingly yielded no promising results. Does no one else want to travel, walk around and look good doing it? Pshaw.

Ideally, I think this type of shoe would be perfect:

Unfortunately, it is manufactured for J.Crew. This means my husband is predisposed to hate them. While they might be somewhat cost prohibitive, they also come with shearling lining. Yum.

Other options appear to be rather limited. And/or geriatric.








Help? I’d love to hear any possible suggestions from more seasoned travelers – who are also concerned about comfort while not looking like a frump. Even requesting this assistance  is embarrassing, but it is far better than suffering the pain of walking for days on end in horrible shoes, while having my wonderful husband verbally harass me about my poor choice the entire time. This is simple preparation.


One Response to “Problemo”

  1. ilpomodoro January 2, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    i love the j crew shoes! just get them! 🙂 well, when I travel, I usually wear birkenstock sandals (with socks if it’s a little chilly) they have excellent arch support.. but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. also, last year I walked around paris in keds. probably should have worn something sturdier in such a huge walking city, but i would recommend them for light excursions!

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