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20 Oct

It’s time to up the ante:

For all our summer adventures. The Tiara 5800 Sovan – $1,900,000+

[I’m sure my parents would agree that this would look lovely docked up at the lake. I’d be happy to share. Hint, hint.]


Weekend, briefly

17 Oct

1. Enjoyed some ridiculously wonderful fall weather. Only in Indiana does the weather change completely of its own regard, without concern over the actual season.

2. Attended basketball, football, field hockey and women’s soccer events in three consecutive days. ¬†Spent time becoming more jaded about sports, and later remembered how to enjoy games all in one weekend.

3. Hosted my sister-in-law for a brief visit. More family time is planned soon. Realized that it’s quite a blessing to have married into a family where my sister-in-laws are more like sisters and friends than they are in-laws.

4. Recognized that our fall is completely booked already, and therefore started planning for the holidays. Looking forward to a few new traditions this year.

5. Rediscovered mimosas and my all-consuming love for said beverage. An excellent source of your daily vitamin C, yet somehow normally restricted to brunches. How shortsighted is that?

6. Decided that Banner is the best dog ever. As if there was any doubt. The photographic proof:

Wish Eight is Great

15 Oct

For overall camera and picture-taking improvement:

Pretty custom camera straps. Etsy seller BrowardPatch – $20


13 Oct

New sunglasses. I’m lucky to be related to an optometrist. Ray Ban Aviator Titanium – $165

Wish Six

10 Oct

I wish for a horde of magic elves, or a nice contractor to come over and make my kitchen look like this:

Cost? Ridiculously expensive. I’d settle for the floors, painted cabinets, counters and lantern light fixture. Twist my arm if you must buy me that backsplash.

For the Fifth Wish of October

7 Oct

Wish #5:

I’m pretty sure I need this. Michael Kors Horn Watch – $250.

Wish #4

6 Oct

This whole housewife thing is not exactly coming naturally to me, but I have done some pretty legitimate baking in my time. Unfortunately, my cupcakes look like crap. I may or may not have set myself up with unrealistic expectations by dissolving into tears every time my baked goods don’t exactly mimic Martha’s, but they could certainly look a bit better. Enter:

A bargain at Crate & Barrel – $12.95.

Wish #3

4 Oct

It gets rather cold in Indiana. Duh Р$245.

Wish #2

3 Oct

I have a Sony Alpha DSLR. I’m completely impressed with the brand, and further impressed that Suze did such in-depth research in selecting the perfect camera for me. Now I’m ready for a few new goodies. To start:

Sony 50mm f/1.8 SAM DT Lens – $149

Birthday Upgrades

1 Oct

I’m celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. In honor of myself, I’m putting together a list of my ultimate wants. And unless we win the lottery real quick, almost all are completely unattainable. Perfect for wishes.


YSL Roady Studded Hobo – $2295