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One exhausting holiday weekend….

27 May

Regardless of what I do on any given weekend to entertain and enrich my lovely dog, she always has WAY MORE FUN with my Dad. “Papa” is bordering on psycho-obsessed with Banner (the pup) who he kidnaps (fine, babysits) at any opportunity. My father and Banner typically embark on weekends full of adventure at the lake, and both return so exhausted that they can’t wag their tails.

Recovering from my weekend and trip to the Indy 500 took a few hours on my Memorial day nursing a little hangover. Banner’s recovery from three days at the lake will last all week – and I’m not complaining.


Damn the XM

21 May

This winter I purchased a shiny new XM radio for my boyfriend’s birthday gift. The obvious beauty of “plug and play” assembly was completely lost on two lawyers, so we had to make a call to customer service before receiving any semblance of a signal.  Of course, the customer service rep sold the boy on buying a second radio for a mere $6.99 (easy sell) – and VOILA, I get my own radio from Steve as part of his birthday present. This girls, is what I call crafty gift-giving.

The ultimate power of satellite radio is its mass of channels, which I’m convinced must support a Jimmy-Buffett-only station out there somewhere which I have yet to find. NOTE: This is where I admit that I have NO grasp whatsoever on the current music scene, even though I’m not overly old and live next to a live music venue downtown. When “Panic at the Disco” was playing earlier this week, I wasn’t surprised that I had no clue who they were, but was a little shocked when one of my bar review speakers had tickets. I still maintain that I’m cool.

So today, in the car, I heard a catchy, summer pop-type song and turned the radio up. Given how gorgeous the day was and how good I look driving with the windows down, the song just seemed like a perfect May moment waiting to happen. Summer pop music is like chick-lit (which obviously is my favorite): girl meets boy, boy is smitten by her long, skinny legs, the end.

So imagine my surprise and subsequent self-loathing when my XM radio tells me that the song artist is MILEY CYRUS. This girl is Britney Spears waiting to happen and I’m all, bopping along to the beat. I got out of the car and hated myself a little bit – and then considered how I previously (secretly) loved Ashlee Simpson’s CD and then denied it all over town during college (duh).

My XM radio has now forced me into liking Miley Cyrus, but I’ve decided to blame it on how jealous I am of her long, skinny legs instead.

Rather gross, but wanted

19 May

I’m talking about those Ped Egg devices, the ones which are sold on high quality paid programming. It somehow, magically perhaps, removes all the uber-nasty, rough spots on your feet. Given that my feet look rather 80-years-old-without-a-pedicure at times, this sounds like the BEST INVESTMENT EVER. Except that you have to order it off the TV, which is a little low for a preppy girl like me. However, they are offering a bonus Ped Egg for the price of one (what the hell would you do with two personal foot shavers??)  Who doesn’t dream of sitting side by side with your best pal, rubbing away crusty foot crap with your pair of Ped Eggs?

Yes, this is slightly disgusting – but I’m still terribly intrigued.

UPDATE: Sarah, a careful consumer, has alerted me that the Ped Eggs are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Coupled with all those damn 20% off tickets they send by mail, there’s no stopping me now.

Bar Review

12 May

My 19 year-old self would be really pissed that I’m participating in something called bar review, a review that isn’t full of beer tastings and scrutinizing the bar stools and bathrooms of various drinking establishments around town. It ends up, bar review is just like school, only MUCH WORSE. The classes are longer, most days start with a test and then follow with a lecture which forces you to realize that you are a serious dumbshit. We were told today that a score of 40-50% on our evidence questions meant that you are on the right track, and shouldn’t be worried. That’s if you can forget the fact that you’re technically failing the subject.

The pure irony of graduating on a Saturday and showing up for class again bright and early on Monday morning was not lost on me – I rather refused to acknowledge its presence by grumbling over my coffee. Coffee of course, which was provided by yours truly as $800 is only enough for Kaplan to fork over a couple of workbooks and a complimentary glass of water in our study room. Thank God for the free pencils though.

Upgrade for Me

10 May

Today I become a Doctor of Jurisprudence. This is an extremely long title which unfortunately cannot be used on letterhead and/or my personal mailing labels.

Hopefully this addition onto my name (JJ, J.D.) will also provide for a career upgrade in the next few months.