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A big girl birthday

25 Feb

Today is the biggest day of the year for one member of our little family – although she appears to have no idea. Banner is celebrating her third birthday, and is now truly an adult. We’re so proud.

Her registered name is “Banner Day O’Connor” which is really the nerdiest law dork name ever, and she’s constantly embarrassed by it. When she gets in trouble, she’s Banner Marie, which she prefers, but the name is somewhat offensive to my mother-in-law, who named her daughter Lauren Marie (sorry Leanne!). Being a labrador genius, she also answers to Banny, B-girl, Puppy Girl, Bop, Boo, Bear, Bunny, Poop Monster, Monkey Butt, etc. Like I said – very smart.

Her favorite hobbies include, but are not limited to: stalking me everywhere I go (including continued attempts to sit in the water closet while I pee), laying on the couch, taking up 2/3 of a king size bed every evening, swimming (lakes, pools, deep puddles), going on trips – preferably to Michigan, going anywhere/doing anything with “Papa,” running away from deer and eating ice cubes. Ah, the good life.

Oh yes, I am one of “those” people. The ones who refer to their pets like they are children. At the beginning, I felt slightly ashamed about my obsession with my dog, but I now have decided that it’s not just me – my dog just really IS that awesome. Cooler than your kid even. So basically, it’s not my fault that I love my dog so much and talk about her incessantly.

So we’ll be celebrating a very special birthday for the girl tonight, and hoping for many, many happy returns.

Then: Just 7 weeks old. The pick of the litter (duh).

Now: 3 years and 85 pounds later, our little lady is all grown up.

NOTE: We have an unwritten pre-nup (awesome lawyering right there!) that has existed since before we were married (wait, is that possible? More awesome lawyering!) which states that Banner is my property. Consider her marriage collateral. Also, feel free to nominate us for Super Lawyers ANY time.


Visit: Louisville

23 Feb

We took a quick overnight trip to Louisville over Valentine’s Day, and enjoyed more freezing cold weather, random horse statues and 4th Street Live.

Stay: The Seelbach (a.k.a. The Hilton Seelbach Hotel). Lovely, historic, charming. The hotel bar is rated as one of the 50 best in the world. While I might question this rating (clearly made by someone who thought “historic” and “alcohol” did a great bar make), it does have solid jazz and didn’t mess up my gin & tonic. It’s right down the block from downtown Louisville’s ONLY weekend attraction – 4th Street Live.

See: The Ohio River, lots of random statues of horses, and that nothing (and I mean NOTHING) is open for lunch on Saturday. The downtown area is not residential and has no shopping – so the optional entertainment for the weekend included cold walks around an empty city, hanging out on 4th Street (Eve 6 was playing; they thought it was 2001) or the National Tractor Pull competition. Yep.

Eat: Rivue. The food was delightful, the view was wonderful, and they bring around a candy cart after your meal for a quick sweet treat before you leave.  We aren’t typically the type to go out to dinner for our Valentine’s date, but it was truly a great meal and a great night.

We’ll be back in the bluegrass state this spring for a tour on the Bourbon Trail, and some night racing at Churchill Downs. Kentucky: Where all our activities revolve around drinking, because there sure as hell isn’t anything else worth doing here! (Note: this is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something they should promote to increase tourism.)

Weekend, briefly

22 Feb

February 19 – 21, 2010:

We played outside in the remaining snow. The pup never tires of running through the yard and sticking her nose down into the drifts.

We watched lots and LOTS of the Olympics. I enjoy ski cross, curling and all the human interest stories which make me cry. I think my future children could have a medal chance in biathlon.

We had a gathering….

to celebrate Dad’s birthday, and….

this young man’s homecoming, after many months touring the lovely back country of Iraq and Afghanistan. Plenty of tequila was consumed. Skinny bitch margaritas anyone?

Not pictured: Dinner with the LeClere’s, “Mom’s weekend,” Sunday sibling dinner, crocheting, periods of complete laziness.

This is it.

16 Feb

I quit. Living in the north that is. I’m not sure what in the hell happened to that lovely concept of global warming, but it sure as shit won’t stop snowing here. Rather bothersome for a person whose most major pet peeve is getting the hems of her pants wet and dirty. I’m sure it’s bad for everyone else too – but I’m not as concerned with their sanity.

Only 14" or so since this picture was taken.....

My sister is moving this weekend to (warmer) Charleston, South Carolina. Whether this move is made out of necessity or simply to regain feeling in her toes again, I do not know – but I applaud anyone who is smart enough to leave this area of the world as winter creeps on.

Speaking of creepy – isn’t there something supremely and terrifically creepy about men’s figure skating in the Olympics? It’s like a beauty pageant on ice, for small men. Really really flexible men. Sorry, rant(s) over.

Six Months

12 Feb

Earlier this week, Suze and I celebrated six months of marital bliss. This means we’ve already outlasted the majority of celebrity marriages.

Tangent – why do I call my super-manly, tall husband with an absurdly deep voice Susan? Suzy? Suze? It just simply fits. Suzy Sunshine (he’s not). Susie Homemaker (he is). Suze Orman (he’s mine). Besides, he really likes it.

Our six months have already shown us highs and lows, and I know I love him more now than I did on August 8th. There’s something so peaceful and fulfilling about being a part of a team, and carving out our roles. And serving each other – in the best way we know how. Which sometimes sucks, but other times is rather surprising.

I’m very much looking forward to our first married Valentine’s Day, because I often need a reminder of just how wonderful I have it, and how nice it is to say so to the ones you love.

Lawyer Love

11 Feb

Tell me this is weird. Yeah, I agree.


Upgrade for My Kitchen

10 Feb

I have heard from countless readers (okay, one) that you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the new appliances taking up residence in my kitchen. I must admit, I was so enamored with them immediately that I have erased all memories of the house pre-operational dishwasher. If this was the NBA draft, Mel Kiper would be talking for days about the “upside” of these stainless steel beauties.

Sorry this is the biggest picture of a fridge you’ve ever seen. It’s quite large in person as well.

Pretty convection oven. I think I was swayed by the blue color more than the actual baking features.

New dishwasher which took a little extra lovin’ to get it installed, and now clearly needs some stainless steel cleaner. I caught Banner licking it earlier – so blame her.

The only bad news about these pretties? They make the rest of the kitchen look like shit. I mean, those creamy laminate countertops from 1994 looked decent when they surrounded our old stove (with two possible temps – boiling hot and super fucking boiling hot). Now not so much. MORE projects!!!


9 Feb

….happened last weekend here in southern Indiana. This almost implies that my previous weekends were exciting enough to deserve their own posts, which I suppose you may not agree with, but I DO WHAT I WANT.

Mildly entertaining information to follow.

If at First You Don’t Succeed….

3 Feb

For his birthday, the husband adopted a new hobby. Actually – he was gifted a home-brew kit, by my father, who is a big proponent of all things beer.

We’ve visited many (many) bars. Full disclosure: We met in a bar. We have sampled lots of different of beers. Hundreds. Beer is a refined taste, you know. We’ve toured many breweries. We had our rehearsal dinner at one. We mark brew festivals on our calendar, but have a tendency to forget birthdays.

Perhaps in preparation for our excursion to last weekend’s beer fest, Suze decided to make his first batch. Armed with DIRECTIONS, beer “mix” and all the proper equipment, he quickly put it together and put it in the dining room to brew. The science would take a week, so I was told. I swear I heard, “that was easy.” After inviting my father over to sample the spoils of this new and amazing hobby, he poured his handiwork. Certainly looked like piss, erg, I mean pale ale.

The verdict? “Tastes like tap water.”

Hmmm. Try, try again?

Weekend, briefly

1 Feb

January 29-31, 2010:

A reunion of family and friends in Indianapolis.

At the “Drink Indiana” Beer Fest. Four hours of tasting Indiana’s finest microbrews with my favorite friends. The pictures are a little blurry – but so was the afternoon. My recommendations?

Upland Brewery: Black Dragonfly IPA

MECA Brewers Guild: IPA (Note Steve – Home brews aren’t always crap!)

A good time was had by ALL.