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How Very European

28 Mar

Our quick trip across the pond has come and gone, although US Air did everything in their power to keep us from coming or going. Three destinations in eight days meant we packed a lot into our vacation, but we loved every minute. It was an amazing first Europe trip for me, and Steve got to relive his study abroad and backpacking memories. Everything was perfect, at least until I was served cheese cubes and summer sausage for lunch on day 7. Recaps to come.


Weekend, briefly

2 Feb

Prior to the ice storm extravaganza, I had a weekend away with my college roommate. And an evening with my sister-in-law. It was basically like every other vacation – lots of wine, good weather and very little else on the agenda.

We took a little time to plan the next reunion – which will be in Northern California this summer. So many wineries, so little time. Any places we just shouldn’t miss? It’s always my policy to have something on the calendar to look forward to – and I’m way too excited about this trip for something that is still six months away. Better plan a few extra distractions in the mean time.


28 Jul

The other day, a friend and I started planning a little vacation together. A vacation that’s say, 12 months away. We like to get a jump on things. I mean, we even graduated early. (Yeah – that part was actually really dumb of us. Don’t judge too harshly.)

Our g-chat planning morphed quickly from “Let’s be frugal and share a room,” to “We definitely need to do the $1500 hot-air balloon experience! And do wine tours on segways! And private spa appointments!” Apparently, we carried on undeterred:

Big J:  must start working out again. must save millions for new cute dresses. must grow hair out for perfect boho look. must practice riding segway in cute dress. must practice taking pictures while on moving segway while wearing cute dress after having 3 glasses of wine. This will be a challenge.
Little J:  hahahaha
must look cute in helmet, while drinking, on segway
Big J:  while taking pictures, while enjoying the scenery, while in comfortable shoes which are also very stylish. Also wearing sunglasses.
Little J:  while looking candid
Big J:  and happy
Little J:  and only slightly tipsy
Big J:  hahahahahaah.
Little J:  while flirting w/ the cop b/c we are getting SEGDUI’s
Big J:  eeeeeeeeekkkk. hahaha
Little J:  must save millions for cute dresses to buy before the trip…plus more millions to spend on vacation and apparently more millions to go on a cruise the very next month
Big J:  and millions for airfare, car rental and misc. shopping!
woo hoo
Little J:  im having anxiety
Big J:  must also have millions of valium!

Back Home Again in Indiana

27 Jun

Or so the song goes….

As you likely guessed, we spent the last week in Kauai and we did not have a shitty time. The weather was perfect, the island was beautiful and our rental house was enormous. As it all should be, considering the 14-hour travel time to and from Poipu Beach. I’m not quite sure my body has any clue what time it currently is, or what meal I should be eating, but such is the price for a pretty amazing vacation. So thrilled to be back to work tomorrow.

Recaps to follow for the four people who may be interested.

Visit: Savannah

7 Apr

After a few days of relaxation and beach reads we decided to spice things up a bit with a day trip to Savannah. SAV is about an hour by car from Hilton Head, which was enough for our lazy asses to postpone the trip three consecutive days. Everyone had previously been to Savannah, and my younger sister is a former Savannah resident, so we decided to skip all the cool stuff and focus on taking pictures of trees and taking advantage of the lack of open container laws.

Stay: We didn’t stay overnight. We did for a minute consider staying on River Street, however unsavory that might have ended up.

See: River Street, historic parks and City Market.

River Street. Tourist trap. One in the same. Plenty of bars, plenty of beer, plenty of sweet little candy and souvenir shops.

All the famous little parks and squares that made Savannah so famous. Strolling through the parks was the fruition of our spanish moss and live oak tree obsession. We spent the afternoon sitting on little benches, telling stories and enjoying the sunshine.

City Market. A sweet little section of the city where we amused ourselves with some live music and a couple more drinks. Another perfect spot to waste away an afternoon – and so we did.

Eat: The Charter House. Amazing lobster bisque, outdoor balcony seating, scenic river views. Great place to end a wonderful lazy afternoon in Savannah.

Our day trip served as the perfect end to our stay in Hilton Head, so after one last night, and one more bottle of Cab, we headed north for one last southern city.

Visit: Hilton Head

6 Apr

Steve’s sister is a teacher, therefore she has a spring break. I have a lot of unused vacation days. A superior idea was thus born. We booked a condo, called some friends and bought a case of wine. A sure-fire recipe for success.

Stay: The Village at Palmetto Dunes. Hilton Head island is basically like a series of huge resort areas that are big enough to be considered neighborhoods. I’m not even sure what else was located within the Palmetto Dunes area – only that it would be extremely difficult to find a hotel room NOT on a golf course around there.

We had a great 3 bedroom condo just a short walk from the beautiful beach. If you’re one of those people into active vacations (I’m not, duh) you can ride cute bikes on the beach. No cup holders available for your wine however.

See: Hilton Head is for golfers and retirees on beach bikes. It could also be for families who like mini-golf. My personal favorite attractions were sleeping in until 10, resting on the beach and engaging in happy hour activities. The J.Crew outlet store was also a must-see in my book. If pressed, you can venture out to look at beautiful, empty beach houses, or the recently renovated public beach area (free WiFi – which I can only imagine is VERY popular on the sand).

Eat: We did quite a bit of eating, so I feel rather confident when I say that the food in Hilton Head is far superior to that in Indiana. The seafood appears to be fresher. Key element.

Over the course of 4 nights, we tried: One Hot Mama’s, Bonefish Grill, Alexander’s and Salty Dog. Alexander’s was far and away the best. With a name as classy as OHM’s, I was surprised – oh whatever, the BBQ Nachos were hella awesome.

Contrary to what this picture might portray, I did not in fact love Salty Dog.

Overall, we had a great stay on the island, and loved relaxing there. Being so close to a couple other super amazing destinations didn’t hurt either. It was just the place to meet up, get some sun, share stories and gear up for our next stops!

Adult Spring Break

5 Apr

Last week, I skipped town. You totally noticed right? I took a girl’s trip, or more accurately an “adult spring break.”

We went south and met up with friends from many different locations as we explored Hilton Head, Savannah and Charleston. We also consumed quite a bit of wine. Maybe a few Bloody Mary’s. And got a bit of a tan, old school style.

Details and pictures will follow, but it’s safe to say that a great time was had by all. Except for our front passenger tire, which gave up on the trip rather early. Party pooper.

I’m pretty damn lucky to have had such good times with such good friends.

Weekend, briefly

4 Apr

With a week of vacation behind me, I spent the majority of the day Friday driving home from South Carolina. More on the trip later, but let’s just say that the rest of the weekend was the pot of gold at the end of a long rainbow. A rainbow which unfortunately forced us to spend a few precious hours driving through Kentucky. Ugh.

Saturday called for a trip to Indy, in celebration of all things basketball and bandwagon. The Butler fan base in Indianapolis grew overnight from essentially 3 fans and 200 actual alumni to about a million hard-core Bulldog faithful. I had to warn my parents to be careful – the bandwagon was so full that it was sure to cause casualties. This new-found fan base crowded downtown Indy on Saturday, and we were forced to spend an hour in line waiting to get into a bar. Read that again, and hear this: won’t happen again.

Once inside, we had a few delicious cold beers and settled in for plenty of hazing. Although I left my “Anyone But Duke” t-shirt at home, I was definitely not cheering for the hometown favorites. Good times ensued, mostly because all the Butler fans in the bar actually went to IU (shocker).

While the whole “Go State” thing didn’t quite work out in the end, we still had a great time with great friends. Of course, with Duke winning as well later in the night, I might be forced to make one frantic jump onto the bandwagon for the championship game. Or just not watch it at all, and ignore the results. (OPTION 2!)

Easter Sunday here was beautiful and we had a wonderful day spent with family and friends outside. As a kid, the WORST two holidays were always Christmas and Easter, when there are totally awesome things waiting for you at home, but you’re forced to sit through a horribly boring church service first. Now, I love watching the kids squirm all through mass. Kinda mean, but pretty funny. This year, the Easter Bunny gave me some homemade truffles (thanks mom!) and told me to hit the gym. Guess the joke’s on me, huh?

Hope ya’ll had a winning weekend and a happy Easter.