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Large Scale Sacrifices

22 Mar

I’m sure I’ve more than covered how I’m not Catholic. I’m a fake. But I do participate in Lent. It’s like my annual attempt to prove I have anything remotely close to willpower.

So this year I’m giving up Diet Coke, which quickly spiraled into giving up all sodas, until my boss mentioned that tonic water is technically a carbonated beverage. No G&T’s? This portion of my Lenten promise is still under negotiations until we can further define tonic water as a soda. However, as a girl who drinks her fair share of DC – this has been a daily sacrifice for me already.

My husband (the actual Catholic), takes a different approach. His promises usually fall somewhere along the giving-up-some-form-of-alcohol line, and he has never been very successful. Spring break + St. Patty’s + weekends just seem to do him in every time. In recent years, he’s started preempting these dates from his Lent calendar.  This year, he has seemed to negotiate around Lent almost completely. Steve’s initial statement for Lent this year: “I’m giving up beer, but nothing else.” Then these qualifiers: ” But I’m not counting Ash Wednesday because I’m meeting a friend after work, and I’m not counting our spring break trip, and I’m not counting weekends.” Way to give your best effort there, Susan.

This time, it’s not my judgment he might have to be worried about.


Weekend, briefly

19 Apr

One wedding, a major reunion, one lunch with new friends, one weak stomach and possibly the first ever shutout in recreational softball (and no, we weren’t the winners). That about sums it up.

One of our favorite law school couples tied the knot on Saturday in downtown Indy, and a pretty damn great time was had by all. It’s a rare occasion to have our group all together, but the time between meetings certainly hasn’t changed the group’s collective ability to close down a bar.

After a very painful morning, our softball team, Sunday Funday, made its recreational D-league debut. To say we were unprepared is like saying that Heidi Montag had some work done. Didn’t have a bat. No member of our team ever advanced past second base. The only rule we now fully comprehend is the mercy rule.

We have a two-week break in which to mend our bruised egos and learn how to hit the damn ball. We’re looking for a few fans to fill the stands on May 2nd. Fans who will bring plenty of booze, and leave their notions of rec league glory at home. Thanks in advance.

Visit: Savannah

7 Apr

After a few days of relaxation and beach reads we decided to spice things up a bit with a day trip to Savannah. SAV is about an hour by car from Hilton Head, which was enough for our lazy asses to postpone the trip three consecutive days. Everyone had previously been to Savannah, and my younger sister is a former Savannah resident, so we decided to skip all the cool stuff and focus on taking pictures of trees and taking advantage of the lack of open container laws.

Stay: We didn’t stay overnight. We did for a minute consider staying on River Street, however unsavory that might have ended up.

See: River Street, historic parks and City Market.

River Street. Tourist trap. One in the same. Plenty of bars, plenty of beer, plenty of sweet little candy and souvenir shops.

All the famous little parks and squares that made Savannah so famous. Strolling through the parks was the fruition of our spanish moss and live oak tree obsession. We spent the afternoon sitting on little benches, telling stories and enjoying the sunshine.

City Market. A sweet little section of the city where we amused ourselves with some live music and a couple more drinks. Another perfect spot to waste away an afternoon – and so we did.

Eat: The Charter House. Amazing lobster bisque, outdoor balcony seating, scenic river views. Great place to end a wonderful lazy afternoon in Savannah.

Our day trip served as the perfect end to our stay in Hilton Head, so after one last night, and one more bottle of Cab, we headed north for one last southern city.

If at First You Don’t Succeed….

3 Feb

For his birthday, the husband adopted a new hobby. Actually – he was gifted a home-brew kit, by my father, who is a big proponent of all things beer.

We’ve visited many (many) bars. Full disclosure: We met in a bar. We have sampled lots of different of beers. Hundreds. Beer is a refined taste, you know. We’ve toured many breweries. We had our rehearsal dinner at one. We mark brew festivals on our calendar, but have a tendency to forget birthdays.

Perhaps in preparation for our excursion to last weekend’s beer fest, Suze decided to make his first batch. Armed with DIRECTIONS, beer “mix” and all the proper equipment, he quickly put it together and put it in the dining room to brew. The science would take a week, so I was told. I swear I heard, “that was easy.” After inviting my father over to sample the spoils of this new and amazing hobby, he poured his handiwork. Certainly looked like piss, erg, I mean pale ale.

The verdict? “Tastes like tap water.”

Hmmm. Try, try again?