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Large Scale Sacrifices

22 Mar

I’m sure I’ve more than covered how I’m not Catholic. I’m a fake. But I do participate in Lent. It’s like my annual attempt to prove I have anything remotely close to willpower.

So this year I’m giving up Diet Coke, which quickly spiraled into giving up all sodas, until my boss mentioned that tonic water is technically a carbonated beverage. No G&T’s? This portion of my Lenten promise is still under negotiations until we can further define tonic water as a soda. However, as a girl who drinks her fair share of DC – this has been a daily sacrifice for me already.

My husband (the actual Catholic), takes a different approach. His promises usually fall somewhere along the giving-up-some-form-of-alcohol line, and he has never been very successful. Spring break + St. Patty’s + weekends just seem to do him in every time. In recent years, he’s started preempting these dates from his Lent calendar.  This year, he has seemed to negotiate around Lent almost completely. Steve’s initial statement for Lent this year: “I’m giving up beer, but nothing else.” Then these qualifiers: ” But I’m not counting Ash Wednesday because I’m meeting a friend after work, and I’m not counting our spring break trip, and I’m not counting weekends.” Way to give your best effort there, Susan.

This time, it’s not my judgment he might have to be worried about.


On the Continent

9 Mar

Steve likes to pretend he’s still in college. Like the one time he hosted an “Amateur Day” party and made us all do jello shots and play drinking games in his garage. He also wanted to bring back spring break. Unfortunately for me, he went for classy rather than authentic – so we’re not going to Panama City or Daytona. A bit of an upgrade really, to western Europe.

So, I’m hitting Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels over eight busy days. I’ve done my shopping, chosen my wardrobe inspiration pics (sure to be uninspired once I unpack) and converted dollars to euros. I’d love to hear any of your recommendations for those cities, or just for European travel in general. We have some definite plans, like hotels, train tickets and sight-seeing to-do’s – but suggestions are welcome, as I will otherwise spend quite a bit of time being dragged for eight-hour walks through each city by Steve. Which would be awesome, of course, except that he never sits down or eats or rests. Just walks. Help?



20 Jan

Concerning thoughts:

  • I said it last year, and I’ll repeat it again – it isn’t really any fun living where it snows all the damn time. You’d think we would’ve taken action on this by now, and moved south – but we are nothing if not stubborn. Cities I think I could live in, where the climate is more moderate: Nashville, Savannah, San Francisco, New Orleans. I’m open to all other options where the winter weather is such that standing water does not freeze by November.
  • January and February bring the usual round of SAD, with doses of general malaise. Not knowing what to do with my life, feelings of restlessness, mild depression, pasty pale skin and serial lack of excitement are the recognizable symptoms. In order to combat this development, travel to warmer and more scenic locales has been planned. By March, I’ll have crossed Georgia, Arizona and continental Europe off the list. I suppose I’ll also be going to Chicago as well, but plan to stay mostly inside to combat winter fatigue.
  • We had a very successful MLK weekend in northern Michigan, which was surprisingly fun despite the fact that it never stopped snowing. We dabbled in skiing, sledding, euchre and happy hour. Next year, we’ll be competing for the Sno-Blast Winter Festival King and Queen titles.
  • I bought the J.Crew Quoddy boots, and found them for a better deal on eBay. I know you were wondering.
  • I’m also not sure what it says about my life that I spent several hours over the past few days selecting…..throw pillows. Which are really way more expensive than you would imagine. Same can be said of the light fixtures we’ve upgraded recently. At least those have been installed, which has not been the fate of our new bathroom accessories, which sit strewn about our counters. Their day will come, just not too soon given how lazy I’ve been.
  • I’ve been doing a good amount of reading lately. Since Christmas, I’ve finished: “Decoded” by Jay-Z, “Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, and the Youth Basketball Machine” by George Dohrmann and “The Romantics” by Galt Niederhoffer. I’m mid-way through “Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook” at the moment, and looking for my next read. Any suggestions?
  • My new hobby involves spending hours staring off into space while I imagine my life as a lottery winner.
  • I’m working on learning French with Rosetta Stone. I believe it will be very helpful as I am now able to say words like horse and car. Hopefully the next unit will teach me the phrases I’ll actually need: “Where the hell is a clean, public restroom?” and “Can you direct me to Dior?”

That is all.

Six Months

12 Feb

Earlier this week, Suze and I celebrated six months of marital bliss. This means we’ve already outlasted the majority of celebrity marriages.

Tangent – why do I call my super-manly, tall husband with an absurdly deep voice Susan? Suzy? Suze? It just simply fits. Suzy Sunshine (he’s not). Susie Homemaker (he is). Suze Orman (he’s mine). Besides, he really likes it.

Our six months have already shown us highs and lows, and I know I love him more now than I did on August 8th. There’s something so peaceful and fulfilling about being a part of a team, and carving out our roles. And serving each other – in the best way we know how. Which sometimes sucks, but other times is rather surprising.

I’m very much looking forward to our first married Valentine’s Day, because I often need a reminder of just how wonderful I have it, and how nice it is to say so to the ones you love.


9 Feb

….happened last weekend here in southern Indiana. This almost implies that my previous weekends were exciting enough to deserve their own posts, which I suppose you may not agree with, but I DO WHAT I WANT.

Mildly entertaining information to follow.

Weekend, briefly

24 Jan

This young man celebrated his 21st birthday – in style. My little brother (in-law; technicality) has been counting down the days to this blessed event ever since his high school graduation. Those who know him have watched him grow, mature, and get plastered at family wedding showers. While some might be surprised that he wasn’t already 21, no one would be shocked that he did a trial run the week before. Just for practice. He is Catholic after all.

Not a group to miss out on any excuse for a party (Catholic remember?) the entire family came in to celebrate. This involved excessive house cleaning on my part.

As is necessary in this town, we journeyed to Nick’s and played “Sink the Biz.” The second-least sanitary drinking game ever invented (only behind BEER PONG, duh), but solid family fun nonetheless. Everyone is a winner – even the losers.

Chicken noodle soup with jalapeño and cilantro. And cookies. And mussels, french fries, french toast and chicken fingers. With scrambled eggs and bacon. I’m totally on a diet.

Not pictured: Dinner with friends at Finch’s, NFL playoffs (Go Colts), “Weeds” on Netflix, gin and tonic.