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On the Continent

9 Mar

Steve likes to pretend he’s still in college. Like the one time he hosted an “Amateur Day” party and made us all do jello shots and play drinking games in his garage. He also wanted to bring back spring break. Unfortunately for me, he went for classy rather than authentic – so we’re not going to Panama City or Daytona. A bit of an upgrade really, to western Europe.

So, I’m hitting Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels over eight busy days. I’ve done my shopping, chosen my wardrobe inspiration pics (sure to be uninspired once I unpack) and converted dollars to euros. I’d love to hear any of your recommendations for those cities, or just for European travel in general. We have some definite plans, like hotels, train tickets and sight-seeing to-do’s – but suggestions are welcome, as I will otherwise spend quite a bit of time being dragged for eight-hour walks through each city by Steve. Which would be awesome, of course, except that he never sits down or eats or rests. Just walks. Help?



Bring May Flowers

9 May

There may be a lot of old people around here, but the ones who lived in our house before us certainly did a nice job of landscaping in our backyard. The April showers did us good.

Adult Spring Break

5 Apr

Last week, I skipped town. You totally noticed right? I took a girl’s trip, or more accurately an “adult spring break.”

We went south and met up with friends from many different locations as we explored Hilton Head, Savannah and Charleston. We also consumed quite a bit of wine. Maybe a few Bloody Mary’s. And got a bit of a tan, old school style.

Details and pictures will follow, but it’s safe to say that a great time was had by all. Except for our front passenger tire, which gave up on the trip rather early. Party pooper.

I’m pretty damn lucky to have had such good times with such good friends.


14 May

Of the bridal variety. At a winery, with all my pals. A party that is all about me, giving me gifts, and talking about the amazing man I’ll be marrying. Um, YES please.

Jenna, Jack, G

Earlier this week, I got to spend a few days in Atlanta. There was some quality learning (about NCAA rules, super cool), but there was some very quality time spent with my two college roommates. It was more than perfect to see them both, and share stories over lots and lots of wine. It hurt my heart to leave them.

Two “showers” in one week? Lucky girl.