‘Tis the Season

9 Dec

For office holiday parties. I’ll readily admit that my own department holiday gathering is the lamest of the lame, takes place during the work day and has a set limit on holiday cheer. There are no bonuses, no gifts, and sadly, no alcohol.

My husband however works for a company that values the holiday tradition of the office party, but adds their own special twists each year. As in, this year’s party is taking place at the zoo. And the theme is “Western.” Yeah.

The idea of a themed party is not lost on me, as I keenly dress up for every possible event with gusto, and adore themes as they provide clear guidelines for dress. I was recently involved in forcing my co-workers into a themed Friday in the office, which I found to be most entertaining, and hope to repeat soon. I have, however, never been exposed to a themed holiday party. Does the holiday itself fail as an appropriate theme? I understand they must only have wanted to separate their December cowboy party from the thousands of others happening this month.

After allowing these and other related thoughts to concern me for several weeks, I am pleased to announce that I have successfully compiled a half-assed holiday/western outfit for the party. I basically gave up.

J.Crew Tartan Tuxedo shirt. Plaid = Western. Red = Holiday.

Favorite J.Crew Skinnies. Not theme related.

Cole Haan Dallon Boots. Have not worn in years. Somewhat western?

I have backup boots of another tall, brown variety, in case I get anxious about wearing boots which have been housed in our luxurious garage for the last 18 months. Yeah – I am shitty to my nice stuff. Searches for cowboy boots with snowflake designs and/or reindeer were fruitless.

My dear spouse will be wearing chaps and a bolo – anything less would fail to read as both completely professional and dedicated to quality bonding with co-workers, fueled by nothing but holiday spirit and an unrequited love with the old west.


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