22 Nov
  • For Tervis Tumblers. And their lifetime warranty.
  • For my dog, who suddenly enjoys watching TV. She is perfection.
  • For my very handsome husband. He puts up with far too much.
  • For a wonderful invention – the dishwasher.
  • For “Mad Men” on DVD.
  • For the crazy mothers in my life. And the very rational, sane fathers. What a combination.
  • For the blessing of sleeping next to someone who does not snore.
  • For a little bit of rain, finally.
  • For pre-planning. Everything.
  • For my college roommates, who I now appreciate more than ever.
  • For beer, and wine, and bloody marys.
  • For J.Crew.
  • For my siblings. Four sisters and one little brother.
  • For vacation, and happy hour. One is just a mini version of the other, translated for daily life.
  • For my SUV. Ah, trunk space.
  • For northern Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. The place we disconnect and reconnect.
  • For Steve’s crazy ideas (tonight: “Can I have an extra garage for beer?” Um, sure.).
  • For donuts. And other amazing, deep-fried foods.

[Thankful. In no particular order.]

[Completely unrelated pictures. From October. In Brown County, Indiana.]


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