Meanwhile, back on the mainland….

19 Nov

It is attempting to become winter here in the midwest, and nothing makes me more sad. If there are people out there who don’t believe that Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately, SAD) exists – I challenge you, because I bet you actually have it. Which would you prefer: a) sunny summer day at the lake with a cold beer, or b) wet, cold evening when the sun sets before you get home from work? Rhetorical question.

These are my current tactics to battle what is surely the onslaught of six months of misery:

1. Listening to a LOT of Katy Perry. Singing in the kitchen about being a California gurl makes me pretty cheery, but it seems to have the opposite effect on my husband, who started drafting a divorce settlement around the 6th repeat of “Teenage Dream” (Glee version, in my defense). There’s no way this is annoying.

2. Eating my traditional winter breakfast of oatmeal. And pretending it is porridge. I’m not exactly sure that they’re different – or really that this should actually bring happiness to my day.

3. We’re embarking next week on our first ever Thanksgiving holiday without adult supervision. For such a holiday, we decided to forsake tradition and our extended family groups and travel south to spend the long weekend with our sisters. We’re still rather unsure about how to deep fry the turkey, but will make all efforts not to set any residences aflame.

4. Two ski trips are already on the books. This brings me joy because I am obviously and outdoors(wo)man of the highest caliber and love being out in nature and engaging in physical activity. Additionally, it is pure hilarity to watch all 215 pounds of Steve barrel down a mountain close on the heels of small, screaming children who are praying to every god they’ve ever heard of that the big guy figures out how to stop looking like he’s trying to poop his pants, and actually put his snowplow stance to use.

5. I’ve decided that I am woefully under-invested in shoes, and have worked quickly to rectify the situation. My recent purchases have been met with some criticism at work – but I argue that studded red platform heels and black high heel suede booties are certainly office appropriate, and just because everyone else is wearing tennis shoes does not mean I need to stoop to those levels. Although not safe for wintry walking, they have certainly improved my November.

Any other suggestions?


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