Weekend, briefly

13 Sep

For the second football Saturday of the fall we made the trip out of Big Ten country to the lovely South. My alma mater to be exact – the University of Tennessee. A weekend in Knoxville is always a must. A few friends were along for the fun, and we had an amazing, if not very wet, time.

Friday night we went downtown for dinner, and wandered around the Market Square area, which has been revitalized since I graduated just a few (short) years ago. We drank and then ate at Oodles, amongst the hundreds of Oregon fans swarming the area.

Saturday we did our shopping and headed out to tailgate early. It was obviously the disgusting, wet, rainy weather that got us on the road before lunch time. We paid our exorbitant parking fees, made friends with the people next door who had rented their own porta-potty (genius) and watched the boys set up the tents in the pouring rain. Rinse and repeat for four hours until the sun came out.

With the sun, friends came over for a visit, and grill food was consumed. In a traditional southern turn of climate, the temperature shot up to 90 degrees and we all started sweating profusely. I don’t need to tell you that my hair looked awesome at this point.

With our (comped) tickets in hand – thanks Kurt! – we headed into the stadium and watched the Vols go up early, and then yet another crazy weather system wiped out the game for 70 minutes. Yikes. There are no pictures after this point because it just wouldn’t be fair to humanity to see how gorgeous I looked after all this.

Sunday morning we did brunch, as is always necessary with friends, had a Bloody Mary to cheers our time together and did a little campus touring before ending it all with a long drive home. Well worth the trip.


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