The one wherein my husband is infinitely embarrassed

30 Aug

At a wedding a few weekends ago, we did the cursory introductions with all the other couples at our table. “We know the bride from law school,” “I’m her lifelong friend from home,” “Our daughter is a bridesmaid,” etc. We then had a lovely dinner, and followed it up with a few trips to the open bar, as we are prone to do at such events.

A couple of hours and several drinks later, one of the girls from our table, whom we had met for the first time earlier that evening, said to me, “So, how is it that I know you?” I explained that we actually didn’t know each other – that we both knew the bride, but had never met prior to the wedding. She was unconvinced, and thought I looked really familiar. We went backwards through our timelines, trying to determine if we’d have ever met in high school or college. No and no.

Finally, we hit on something in common, and Steve was instantly so embarrassed, that he wanted to die, come back as a ghost and murder me in my sleep. What was our link?

She worked at J.Crew. I was such a frequent visitor to the store that she recognized me. Even better, I haven’t lived close to the store for over two years now, so my shopping was at one point so en masse that she remembered me even all this time after. What I believed only to be a normal habit has clearly now been outed as an obsession. Sorry Suze.

[I wish this was me. I have been known to rock head-to-toe J.Crew, but I’ve never been this lovely.]


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