Before and In Progress: Sunroom

29 Jul

The previous owners of our home enclosed part of their deck and created a sunroom. There’s no way it was ever actually used as such, because the name alone would indicate that the sun was welcome in the room. This was simply not the case. The decor skewed much more toward the sauna-slash-hunting-lodge (popular style) than a sunny spot for reading and after work cocktails.

The original:

Here we see: Knotty pine wood panelling, lovely mauve paint and trim, hunter green mini-blinds in every window and a hunter green curtain on the patio door. I almost feel bad that we ruined such a gorgeous color scheme.

Ah, the power of paint:

Now we have: painted paneling, painted white trim, no window treatments, awesome gold lamp, lots of random furniture with absolutely no purpose. Much prettier though.

This room is not insulated, so it’s raging hot in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. Not a very functional space. Thinking for five minutes about how to fix this room into something cool led me to immediately conduct a search for a new house in our area. I feel like this love-hate relationship has to be typical for home owners.

If I live here long enough, I may attempt to improve the sunroom further. I hope that’s unlikely.


One Response to “Before and In Progress: Sunroom”

  1. Newlywed Next Door August 4, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    WOW that was a “special” original color scheme. Needless to say, I like yours a lot better! Nice job!

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