28 Jul

The other day, a friend and I started planning a little vacation together. A vacation that’s say, 12 months away. We like to get a jump on things. I mean, we even graduated early. (Yeah – that part was actually really dumb of us. Don’t judge too harshly.)

Our g-chat planning morphed quickly from “Let’s be frugal and share a room,” to “We definitely need to do the $1500 hot-air balloon experience! And do wine tours on segways! And private spa appointments!” Apparently, we carried on undeterred:

Big J:  must start working out again. must save millions for new cute dresses. must grow hair out for perfect boho look. must practice riding segway in cute dress. must practice taking pictures while on moving segway while wearing cute dress after having 3 glasses of wine. This will be a challenge.
Little J:  hahahaha
must look cute in helmet, while drinking, on segway
Big J:  while taking pictures, while enjoying the scenery, while in comfortable shoes which are also very stylish. Also wearing sunglasses.
Little J:  while looking candid
Big J:  and happy
Little J:  and only slightly tipsy
Big J:  hahahahahaah.
Little J:  while flirting w/ the cop b/c we are getting SEGDUI’s
Big J:  eeeeeeeeekkkk. hahaha
Little J:  must save millions for cute dresses to buy before the trip…plus more millions to spend on vacation and apparently more millions to go on a cruise the very next month
Big J:  and millions for airfare, car rental and misc. shopping!
woo hoo
Little J:  im having anxiety
Big J:  must also have millions of valium!

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