Upgrade for my photos

14 Jul

So, one perk of my job is that I get access to all kinds of free computer software that other people pay upwards of $900 for. Another perk is that we never get raises. Yeah.

A few weeks back, I got a copy of the new Adobe CS5. I had absolutely no reason to get the new version, other than the fact that it was free. However, I take some pretty crap photos, so I knew it really couldn’t hurt.

When I downloaded the previous version (oh yeah, I’m up like $1800 on my employer right now), I bought a tutorial book because I thought I might actually learn to use it. I was wrong. I was overwhelmed. However, CS5 had one feature I thought might be worth the effort. Let me put it this way: You can circle around shit and it disappears. Magic.

This exact tool saved hundreds of my Hawaii pictures where I had to somehow get rid of a small hippie girl who refused to wear a bra on our sailing tour, and came just a nipple away from ruining our family memories. Crisis averted.


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