Visit: Kauai IV

12 Jul

Almost two weeks post-trip, and I’m still thinking about the delish meals we ate while in Kauai. Definitely makes the mac ‘n cheese we had for dinner tonight look rather crappy in comparison. And this mac ‘n cheese was made with fontina – and heavy cream.

With a Costco on the island (made it feel very homey), we fixed many meals together as a family at the house. So cute. However, we also ventured out for lunch, dinner and dessert – mainly because I was vacationing with freaks who don’t like ice cream or sweets. Or junk food. Sometimes a girl just has to go out on her own to get what she needs.

Eat: Our first meal out was in Poipu Beach for Father’s Day. We ate at the highly recommended Roy’s. It was pricey, but rather wonderful. I had something something crusted mahi.

Someone also recommended Bubba Burger, which boasts the motto: “We cheat tourists, drunks and attorneys.” Being that I fell directly into two of those categories (and on other days, all three), I was somewhat skeptical. And then – the food sucked. So while I did feel vindicated, I also knew I had been swindled. Point again, don’t go to Bubba’s.

Our last night on the island we ate at The Beach House. Easily the best meal of our trip, the restaurant sits right on the coast and overlooks a popular surfing area. Is anyone still reading this?

Didn’t think so. Thus concludes Hawaii reviews, because frankly, I’m tired of thinking about some place so much better than here.


One Response to “Visit: Kauai IV”

  1. Jasmine July 13, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    I was reading. :0) Just FYI.

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