Visit: Kauai III

7 Jul

[See Part I and Part II]

Steve’s mother is a very active person. She can’t watch TV without taking on a secondary project. She enjoys trips. Trips involve reading several guide books and making lots of reservations. A trip is like one constant pre-planned activity.

My activity level once home from work hovers near sloth. I’m not allowed to pay bills because I too often forget. I enjoy vacations. Vacations are full of sleeping in, taking naps, and lazing around by the pool in between. A vacation is like one big Valium.

A compromise was necessary. Two rental cars were reserved.

Do: After plenty of sightseeing and pool time, we went on a ziplining tour at Kauai Backcountry. Seven lines, a few hours and lunch by a freshwater swimming hole. No pictures here. Bulky camera + metal cables + swinging from a canvas harness 250 feet above the ground? Eh, probably would’ve worked.

After a full morning of ziplining, we fell into the tourist trap that is the Hawaiian luau. We went to a luau held at Gaylord’s on the site of a former sugarcane plantation. The luau itself was theatrical, which means that the open bar came in very handy after they started an involved production featuring dancing, chanting and incoherent dialog. I never understood the plot. It was however very entertaining – if only because of the awesome fire dancers.

Surf lessons were also on the agenda for the athletic of the group. We went down to Poipu Beach where the waves were pretty aggressive for the beginner crowd, but clearly the talent in the family was up to the challenge.

Our last full day on the island called for an early morning departure on our Na Pali coast catamaran tour. The scenes were quite amazing (check them out here), but the sailing was a bit rocky for the unprepared. We conquered rolling 15+ foot seas, and only attempted to sail (with the engine running) for a paltry seven minutes or so. Disappointing for a girl who grew up on sailboats, but the tour had other perks. After making our way down the gorgeous coast, we stopped for snorkeling and lunch.

It appears that our family truce was the perfect deal for everyone. My in-laws did MANY other activities, while we spent endless quality hours lying around at the pool or beach, reading trashy novels and enjoying happy hour. Win.


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