Visit: Kauai II

5 Jul

So Kauai is pretty scenic. “Blue Hawaii,” “Six Days, Seven Nights,” and “Jurassic Park” have all been filmed there. While we were on the island, Johnny Depp and Co. had just arrived to begin filming the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Would have been far more scenic in my book if we’d actually seen Mr. Depp.

See: On Father’s Day, we went up to see Waimea Canyon – a 40 mile round trip up a windy and pot-hole riddled road. After about five minutes of driving, we already had some pretty awesome views of the Pacific over the historic town of Hanapepe. Hana-pepe, ha ha ha ha.

35 minutes, two nearly flat tires and one minor accident avoided, we were at the top of the canyon, looking down on the Na Pali coast.

On our way back down the mountain, we stopped at a little “restaurant” for a quick lunch. The place was rated #1 by Fodor’s in the area – as the ONLY location to get lunch within miles. We were led to believe it was a cute place on the canyon, but the guide books did us way wrong, and it was more like eating at a gas station. With chickens and roosters outside. And undercooked, grey burgers. Not recommended.

Luckily, stopping to see the full canyon after lunch was worth the culinary and driving risks.

On Thursday, we took a sailing trip out to see the Na Pali coast area. Our tour was on a catamaran, and although very little sailing actually occurred, we saw some of the really beautiful rocks and stuff. And other stuff.

Our last day, before boarding the red-eye, we walked over to see Spouting Horn. It’s basically a rock formation on the water, where holes have worn into the rocks, and waves coming into shore create geysers. Cool.

Quite lovely right? I may not have mentioned this before – but Hawaii is much prettier than Indiana. Just in case you were debating between the two as a vacation spot.

See Part I here.


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