Visit: Kauai

29 Jun

I think my body has just now adjusted back to eastern standard time.

The trip to Hawaii was everything you’d expect from a wonderful family vacation: perfect weather, gorgeous location, water, sun, fun, happy hour and only a few emotional breakdowns. The week was purposefully divided into two portions – specific days filled with multiple pre-planned activities, and alternating days “off” for relaxation and sun. This treaty was negotiated in order to accommodate two populations – the people who enjoy forced activity and generally can’t sit still (i.e. parents), and the total lazy asses (i.e. kids). Consider me the ultimate child in the group.

With so many pictures of the same palm trees to share, this trip will be divided into multiple posts. Today? The where of the trip.

Stay: Kauai is the “garden” island of Hawaii and is known for its lush, beautiful landscapes. We* rented a house in Koloa, a small town next to the popular Poipu Beach area, on the south side of the island. Our house for the week was directly on the ocean and the view wasn’t half bad.

For an island, Kauai is woefully short on beaches. Most of the island is surrounded by black volcanic rock, which is deceptively slippery when wet. Very pretty however. The boys attempted death by 1,000 paper cuts by repeatedly trying to snorkel off our beach, and managed to bash themselves against other rocks and coral over and over. The lesson here? Boys are dumb.

The house we rented not only had seven bathrooms (bam!), but also its own private pool and lanai. It was very amazing.

Good story – my college roommate Jackie often pulled dog-sitting duty for one of her professors, whose dog’s name was Lanai. She was a golden retriever who was a trained service dog and knew like 451 commands. She could get beer from our fridge and bring it to us. She was a binge drinking enabler. Back to Kauai……

I did the majority of my relaxing by the pool, looking out at the ocean. Add my Kindle and a G&T (made with Hendrick’s – new favorite), and it was pretty much my dream vacation. That is, until someone forced my idle butt to move. Bummer duuuude.

We enjoyed watching the waves from a big deck on the second level. Also served as an excellent cocktail hour location. To be honest, I think the entire island makes an excellent cocktail hour location. Just a recommendation.

Sunsets were a little early (7:30ish) but pretty spectacular. I did not witness a single sunrise. Big surprise there.

Still to be detailed at annoying length? Activities, sights, eats and any extras I deem necessary.

*The collective “we” referenced here should not be construed to include me. Or any of the other children for that matter. I did not pay any costs toward the trip and I did not make a single reservation. We were graciously invited as guests of my in-laws, who planned the vacation to celebrate their summer birthdays and upcoming 30th wedding anniversary. I can only hope to be so generous to my family one day. Heck, I’ll consider it a success if I even want to take my kids on vacation after 30 years of wedded bliss.


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