“Hello. I live here.”

11 Jun

Let me start out by stating that Sex and the City makes me feel like Frump in the Suburbs. Like the opposite of uplifting.

Most of my raging jealousy in watching SATC 2 was aimed directly at Carrie and Big’s new apartment. It’s justthisclose to my view of perfect. These Elle Decor pictures have been widely discussed, and like all the others, I loved the set design.

I may never live up to my word and show any pictures of my own house, because I just really wish it looked like this. Huge surprise here…..it doesn’t.

I also desperately love this closet, and the way that it opens into the master bath. If my clothes actually lived in a closet, rather than roaming free across my floors and furniture (wild animals I tell you) they would really enjoy staying here. It gives me organizational goosebumps.

This room looks so peaceful and polished. Exactly how my room appears to my dog, who is currently sleeping on my bed. It has a lesser effect on humans. [Also, give me those drapes.]

Everything about their space is perfect, but just slightly imperfect. Exactly the way that Carrie and Big themselves are. And how I’d like my own home to be. My house reflects a little bit more of the “falling far short of our original intentions” vibe, which I’m afraid is also the way I am.


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