Guidelines for Godparents

1 Jun

I’m not Catholic. Steve’s family is very Catholic. Like one bishop, two priests and a nun in the family VERY. This leaves me a little confused at times, but I have learned quite a bit of the “stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight” of the Catholic church.

No amount of preparation or my own Christian upbringing could apparently prepare me for my new role as a godparent. Wait, I’m somewhat responsible for a child? Read about it here.

Following the baptism ceremony, we were handed an envelope with our names on the front and the description “RE: Role as Godparent.” These godchildren now come with a manual. The instructions inside mentioned how we were to be the spiritual role models and educators for the child and should strive to be their special friend. I think I’ll stick with crazy aunt, but whatever. The sheet also indicated that we should encourage our godchild with cards, letters or gifts to commemorate spiritual and personal events in her life. We’d already purchased savings bonds for our godchild when she was born and were gifting her several sundresses and summer accessories for her baptism. I figured we were on the right track.

However, the handout indicated that we might need to revise our gifting methods. Examples of gifts which they suggested for events like Christmas, Easter, graduation, first job, engagement? “A bike, spiritual book, rosary, religious jewelry, gift certificate for religious goods/books, retreat opportunity, etc.” Um, which of these is not like the other? By choosing baby clothes for a baby who had just been baptized, we had clearly gifted her a path to self-destruction.

She’s a little young for books, gift certificates, jewelry or retreats, so I guess we’re getting her a bike for her first birthday. Catholic church approved.


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