Visit: The Bourbon Trail

25 May

The Bourbon Trail is this magic place in the Kentucky hills where the moonshine business actually became a tourist attraction. In the midst of several dry counties (remember, Kentucky is a horrible state), you can go tour distilleries, taste the products and load up with memorabilia. Caters to a unique crowd.

So on Saturday, we headed south from Louisville. With six of us in tow, we made three stops – Makers Mark, Heaven Hill and Jim Beam. Getting there proved to be more than half the adventure, but the weather was beautiful, the tours were informative, and the “white dog” basically gave me more respect for our historical moonshining descendants. Also completely burned off my taste buds.


Heaven Hill:

Jim Beam:

Three distilleries down, three more to go to complete the trail. As if the tasting themselves weren’t wonderful motivation, you get a little passport to have “stamped” at each of your stops. A full passport? Earns a FREE t-shirt. We sure as hell can’t pass that up, so a return trip will be planned shortly.


One Response to “Visit: The Bourbon Trail”

  1. Ashleigh May 26, 2010 at 5:09 pm #

    Hahahahaa! The look of disdain on my face. Priceless. I am such a wus.

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