10 May

We were pretty darn thrilled a couple of weeks ago when Steve’s best friend (affectionately PeeWee) called to ask us if we’d stand up at his daughter’s baptism as her godparents. I know I actually shrieked. Little Leah Jane is 7 months old and she is the FIRST baby that I love, adore and otherwise allow to spit-up on me.

Let me step back and note that I’m not really a baby person. There is always someone in the room who is waaaaaay more into little infants than I am, and that person normally hogs the child and mother. Fine with me. I’m also super freaked out by first-time moms, who are typically ridiculous with their you’re-not-holding-the-baby-the-right-way-I-swear-you’re-stunting-his-growth-and-future-Harvard-admission-chances. I’m no professional, so that usually leaves me talking to the family dog when a new baby makes an appearance. However, I decided to change my tune for Leah.

Lucky for me, Leah’s mother is about the most natural mom you’ve ever met, which may also be helped by the fact she’s a trained labor and delivery nurse. She was quick to coach me through holding the baby, feeding the baby and otherwise pretending that I wasn’t totally inept around the baby. I love her for this. I also love that her daughter is perhaps the most well-behaved infant EVER, and therefore makes it pretty easy to become mildly obsessed.

So early in May, we became godparents to our favorite little girl. Please observe the very godmother-ly outfit I wore above. I’m not Catholic, but I’m pretty sure I have the godmother “look” nailed here. Also, if your godmother didn’t wear grey satin Coach wedge heels with gold trim at your baptism, I’m not sure she really loves you.

We’re looking forward to many, many happy years celebrating with Leah, and becoming the crazy Aunt and Uncle she just can’t quite get enough of.


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    […] No amount of preparation or my own Christian upbringing could apparently prepare me for my new role as a godparent. Wait, I’m somewhat responsible for a child? Read about it here. […]

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