The True Beginning

7 May

Today was the official start of summer as far as I’m concerned. Forget the calendar, there are other methods of calculation for such important events.

Living in a small college town, almost half of our normal population is made up of students. I mean, we wouldn’t get an Olive Garden with only 40,000 permanent residents, but really. It’s SO awesome when they leave. Finals were over this afternoon and graduation ceremonies started. Lines of minivans and U-Hauls were lined up heading out-of-town, and I couldn’t help but grin like a crazy as I drove past in the opposite direction.

After a fall full of cut off t-shirts and leggings, a winter full of North Face and Uggs and a spring full of neon and fanny packs, I’m quite happy to watch it all depart. The joy of living among those pulling all nighters and studying for a semester’s worth of slacking off when you are no longer enrolled in classes can only be topped by the sheer glee of watching their little Hondas loaded to the brim with every worldly belonging headed out-of-town.

Thanks, I’d love to have my town back.


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