Sweet Freedom

26 Apr

For the last five days, I have been living my own lame version of Girl’s Gone Wild. With the husband out of the house and golfing several states away, I’ve had complete run of the place. While some may take advantage in other ways, my main dalliances have been menu related. Without the need to prepare meals or the energy to get off my ass and go to the grocery store, I bulldozed my way through the worst our pantry and take-out had to offer. Let’s review shall we?

Wednesday: Panini for lunch. McDonald’s for dinner. ¬†Potato casserole snack post-dinner. Glass of cab for dessert.

Thursday: Four peanut butter creme Oreos and some blackberries for breakfast. Quesadilla for lunch. Queso, guacamole and chips for dinner. Glass of Shiraz on the side.

Friday: Starbucks and a doughnut for breakfast. [Note: Doughnuts are totally my weakness. They are also served every Friday in our staff room, which is a short 10 feet from my office. Not a fair fight.]. Chicken fingers for lunch. Pizza for dinner. Bottle of Malbec.

Saturday: Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Buffalo wings, spinach dip and beer at lunch. Dinner of wine and cheese cubes.

Sunday: Leftover potato casserole as breakfast. Spinach dip for lunch. Blackberries and pizza for dinner. No wine – it was my day of rest.

This week? Purchasing an elliptical.

P.S. Unfortunately, this post could have also been entitled “Upgrade for my Waistline.” It has been appropriately categorized to reflect this disgusting truth.


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