Our house, is a very very very fine house

22 Apr

We live in a cute little neighborhood with rows of beautiful trees, manicured lawns and lots and lots of……old people. They are EVERYWHERE.

When we first looked at the place, we were sure that with a prime location right next to one of the best elementary schools in the county, the hood would be crawling with young families and minivans. In all reality – WAY wrong. I’ve seen like two kids since we moved in, and neither struck me as adorable or really all that young. They were also riding those stupid scooters. Clearly the local school has been way overhyped – these kids looked like three-star school material at best.

My guess is that the lawn care package reeled in all the geriatrics. Just like me, they don’t like to mow the yard, and could give two craps about weed ‘n feed. My neighbor – let’s call her Joanne (it’s her name) – loves to spend afternoons sitting on a lawn chair in her driveway, sunning her legs and admiring the lovely landscaping. This is her weekday routine, because she spends most of the weekend on her back porch in a muumuu. From her various perches she looks for the tiniest bit of dog poop, and then immediately throws us under the HOA bus. What a peach.

Without fail, our entire street has their trash and recycling at the curb and ready for pick up by 3:00 the afternoon before. It’s like a race. A few special neighbors prefer to take their morning walks on the pavement, rather than the sidewalk. When I’m old, I too hope that I make a sport of it and possibly cause a few wrecks as work-bound drivers swerve wildly to miss me walking 7 feet from the curb. Our neighborhood council meetings require only a few hours notice, because no one has plans, other than dinner promptly at 5:00. Ah, the good life.

As I write this, Suze is prepping for a golf trip and I’m already thinking about a nice early bedtime tomorrow. Give us one more year, and we’ll fit right in around here.


One Response to “Our house, is a very very very fine house”

  1. Amanda April 22, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    I just cracked up at this post. We have a decidedly non-octogenerian (new word I learned from a student) population in our neighborhood….but yes, we still see the same 3-star kids on the 1-star scooters…..they’re everywhere. =) I’ll even be so nice as to give some 4 stars, but I’m doubting they’re top 32. I must run in to 10 high school students a day in my neighborhood…most of them on skate boards….clearly I cannot outrun this age group in my life. Hope you’re enjoying the new house! Thought I’d comment so that you knew you had more than one reader!

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