Visit: Hilton Head

6 Apr

Steve’s sister is a teacher, therefore she has a spring break. I have a lot of unused vacation days. A superior idea was thus born. We booked a condo, called some friends and bought a case of wine. A sure-fire recipe for success.

Stay: The Village at Palmetto Dunes. Hilton Head island is basically like a series of huge resort areas that are big enough to be considered neighborhoods. I’m not even sure what else was located within the Palmetto Dunes area – only that it would be extremely difficult to find a hotel room NOT on a golf course around there.

We had a great 3 bedroom condo just a short walk from the beautiful beach. If you’re one of those people into active vacations (I’m not, duh) you can ride cute bikes on the beach. No cup holders available for your wine however.

See: Hilton Head is for golfers and retirees on beach bikes. It could also be for families who like mini-golf. My personal favorite attractions were sleeping in until 10, resting on the beach and engaging in happy hour activities. The J.Crew outlet store was also a must-see in my book. If pressed, you can venture out to look at beautiful, empty beach houses, or the recently renovated public beach area (free WiFi – which I can only imagine is VERY popular on the sand).

Eat: We did quite a bit of eating, so I feel rather confident when I say that the food in Hilton Head is far superior to that in Indiana. The seafood appears to be fresher. Key element.

Over the course of 4 nights, we tried: One Hot Mama’s, Bonefish Grill, Alexander’s and Salty Dog. Alexander’s was far and away the best. With a name as classy as OHM’s, I was surprised – oh whatever, the BBQ Nachos were hella awesome.

Contrary to what this picture might portray, I did not in fact love Salty Dog.

Overall, we had a great stay on the island, and loved relaxing there. Being so close to a couple other super amazing destinations didn’t hurt either. It was just the place to meet up, get some sun, share stories and gear up for our next stops!


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