Weekend, briefly

4 Apr

With a week of vacation behind me, I spent the majority of the day Friday driving home from South Carolina. More on the trip later, but let’s just say that the rest of the weekend was the pot of gold at the end of a long rainbow. A rainbow which unfortunately forced us to spend a few precious hours driving through Kentucky. Ugh.

Saturday called for a trip to Indy, in celebration of all things basketball and bandwagon. The Butler fan base in Indianapolis grew overnight from essentially 3 fans and 200 actual alumni to about a million hard-core Bulldog faithful. I had to warn my parents to be careful – the bandwagon was so full that it was sure to cause casualties. This new-found fan base crowded downtown Indy on Saturday, and we were forced to spend an hour in line waiting to get into a bar. Read that again, and hear this: won’t happen again.

Once inside, we had a few delicious cold beers and settled in for plenty of hazing. Although I left my “Anyone But Duke” t-shirt at home, I was definitely not cheering for the hometown favorites. Good times ensued, mostly because all the Butler fans in the bar actually went to IU (shocker).

While the whole “Go State” thing didn’t quite work out in the end, we still had a great time with great friends. Of course, with Duke winning as well later in the night, I might be forced to make one frantic jump onto the bandwagon for the championship game. Or just not watch it at all, and ignore the results. (OPTION 2!)

Easter Sunday here was beautiful and we had a wonderful day spent with family and friends outside. As a kid, the WORST two holidays were always Christmas and Easter, when there are totally awesome things waiting for you at home, but you’re forced to sit through a horribly boring church service first. Now, I love watching the kids squirm all through mass. Kinda mean, but pretty funny. This year, the Easter Bunny gave me some homemade truffles (thanks mom!) and told me to hit the gym. Guess the joke’s on me, huh?

Hope ya’ll had a winning weekend and a happy Easter.


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