Weekend, briefly

21 Mar

We enjoyed a some spring-like weather in Indiana this week, just as all the kiddies left town for spring break. When the sun is out, and the town is empty, I’m a pretty happy girl. Otherwise, our weekend looked a lot like this:

We watched nearly every tournament game on television from Thursday to Sunday. One of the perks of my job is getting to watch the games at work, while still not being allowed to participate in any bracket pools. Conundrum?

Banner suffered a sprained foot (ankle?) this weekend in a fit of joy while greeting guests. Her pathetic limp earned her the royal treatment all day Sunday, and her pillow became prime game-watching space. She’s planning on a full recovery for her Monday evening walk.

From here

I was the big winner of the weekend, thanks to my wonderful husband who battled a hangover (happy bachelor party Mikey!) to negotiate and buy our first car. Not the stressful process we’d been prepared for, but rather a pleasant experience that resulted in us getting a killer deal. We attempted to get emotional about trading in the Shit-mobile, but were totally unable to summon any tears. Steve is somewhat less excited about inheriting my Honda, but it’s perfect for his commute and I suppose he’ll just keep repeating “happy wife, happy life” every time I drive away in our shiny new SUV. I’m pretty damn lucky.


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