In Soviet Russia, Cars Drive You!

16 Mar

I’m an excellent shopper. I have a special skill for walking into a huge SALE (or better yet, the outlet malls) and finding the one item which is NOT on sale. Like a moth to the flame – if it’s the most expensive item available, I will immediately profess my undying love for it. Sometimes, when my husband’s horrible budgets are proving too restrictive, I’ll go online, fill my virtual shopping cart and quickly close out the window before purchasing anything. It’s totally sick. I realize this.

So with these sweet skills in mind, poor Steve is understandably concerned as we start the process of searching for and buying our first car. We’re both currently driving our college cars and enjoying the fact that we’re car-payment free, but Steve unfortunately has been cursed with “The Shit-mobile” for a vehicle. The Shit-mobile may look like any normal car, but was purchased without one major feature – waterproofing. The damn thing leaks from every possible opening, and the passenger is likely sitting with their feet in an inch of water even in the heat of August. It has some other issues, but essentially: it’s time for a new vehicle.

Needless to say, our need for a new car has trumped Steve’s fear of taking me anywhere near a car lot. This is not to say he’s actually willing to shop with me. For my first few test drives earlier this week, Suze claimed he had a “work dinner” and forced my parents to accompany me in my search. In-law abuse?

At this rate, I’m sure to find and select my dream vehicle (completely disregarding our budget) and come home  to find an old Subaru Outback in our garage, purchased by Steve in a sly move to pre-empt what he is sure will be another shopping disaster. I think we’re off to a fairly good start.


One Response to “In Soviet Russia, Cars Drive You!”

  1. Darrell Jerden March 17, 2010 at 9:49 am #

    All I can say is that you are your mothers daughter. You have the gift (curse) of being drawn to the most expensive item in any classification and no other item in that classification can even be considered.

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