A big girl birthday

25 Feb

Today is the biggest day of the year for one member of our little family – although she appears to have no idea. Banner is celebrating her third birthday, and is now truly an adult. We’re so proud.

Her registered name is “Banner Day O’Connor” which is really the nerdiest law dork name ever, and she’s constantly embarrassed by it. When she gets in trouble, she’s Banner Marie, which she prefers, but the name is somewhat offensive to my mother-in-law, who named her daughter Lauren Marie (sorry Leanne!). Being a labrador genius, she also answers to Banny, B-girl, Puppy Girl, Bop, Boo, Bear, Bunny, Poop Monster, Monkey Butt, etc. Like I said – very smart.

Her favorite hobbies include, but are not limited to: stalking me everywhere I go (including continued attempts to sit in the water closet while I pee), laying on the couch, taking up 2/3 of a king size bed every evening, swimming (lakes, pools, deep puddles), going on trips – preferably to Michigan, going anywhere/doing anything with “Papa,” running away from deer and eating ice cubes. Ah, the good life.

Oh yes, I am one of “those” people. The ones who refer to their pets like they are children. At the beginning, I felt slightly ashamed about my obsession with my dog, but I now have decided that it’s not just me – my dog just really IS that awesome. Cooler than your kid even. So basically, it’s not my fault that I love my dog so much and talk about her incessantly.

So we’ll be celebrating a very special birthday for the girl tonight, and hoping for many, many happy returns.

Then: Just 7 weeks old. The pick of the litter (duh).

Now: 3 years and 85 pounds later, our little lady is all grown up.

NOTE: We have an unwritten pre-nup (awesome lawyering right there!) that has existed since before we were married (wait, is that possible? More awesome lawyering!) which states that Banner is my property. Consider her marriage collateral. Also, feel free to nominate us for Super Lawyers ANY time.


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