This is it.

16 Feb

I quit. Living in the north that is. I’m not sure what in the hell happened to that lovely concept of global warming, but it sure as shit won’t stop snowing here. Rather bothersome for a person whose most major pet peeve is getting the hems of her pants wet and dirty. I’m sure it’s bad for everyone else too – but I’m not as concerned with their sanity.

Only 14" or so since this picture was taken.....

My sister is moving this weekend to (warmer) Charleston, South Carolina. Whether this move is made out of necessity or simply to regain feeling in her toes again, I do not know – but I applaud anyone who is smart enough to leave this area of the world as winter creeps on.

Speaking of creepy – isn’t there something supremely and terrifically creepy about men’s figure skating in the Olympics? It’s like a beauty pageant on ice, for small men. Really really flexible men. Sorry, rant(s) over.


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