Six Months

12 Feb

Earlier this week, Suze and I celebrated six months of marital bliss. This means we’ve already outlasted the majority of celebrity marriages.

Tangent – why do I call my super-manly, tall husband with an absurdly deep voice Susan? Suzy? Suze? It just simply fits. Suzy Sunshine (he’s not). Susie Homemaker (he is). Suze Orman (he’s mine). Besides, he really likes it.

Our six months have already shown us highs and lows, and I know I love him more now than I did on August 8th. There’s something so peaceful and fulfilling about being a part of a team, and carving out our roles. And serving each other – in the best way we know how. Which sometimes sucks, but other times is rather surprising.

I’m very much looking forward to our first married Valentine’s Day, because I often need a reminder of just how wonderful I have it, and how nice it is to say so to the ones you love.


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