Upgrade for My Kitchen

10 Feb

I have heard from countless readers (okay, one) that you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the new appliances taking up residence in my kitchen. I must admit, I was so enamored with them immediately that I have erased all memories of the house pre-operational dishwasher. If this was the NBA draft, Mel Kiper would be talking for days about the “upside” of these stainless steel beauties.

Sorry this is the biggest picture of a fridge you’ve ever seen. It’s quite large in person as well.

Pretty convection oven. I think I was swayed by the blue color more than the actual baking features.

New dishwasher which took a little extra lovin’ to get it installed, and now clearly needs some stainless steel cleaner. I caught Banner licking it earlier – so blame her.

The only bad news about these pretties? They make the rest of the kitchen look like shit. I mean, those creamy laminate countertops from 1994 looked decent when they surrounded our old stove (with two possible temps – boiling hot and super fucking boiling hot). Now not so much. MORE projects!!!


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