If at First You Don’t Succeed….

3 Feb

For his birthday, the husband adopted a new hobby. Actually – he was gifted a home-brew kit, by my father, who is a big proponent of all things beer.

We’ve visited many (many) bars. Full disclosure: We met in a bar. We have sampled lots of different of beers. Hundreds. Beer is a refined taste, you know. We’ve toured many breweries. We had our rehearsal dinner at one. We mark brew festivals on our calendar, but have a tendency to forget birthdays.

Perhaps in preparation for our excursion to last weekend’s beer fest, Suze decided to make his first batch. Armed with DIRECTIONS, beer “mix” and all the proper equipment, he quickly put it together and put it in the dining room to brew. The science would take a week, so I was told. I swear I heard, “that was easy.” After inviting my father over to sample the spoils of this new and amazing hobby, he poured his handiwork. Certainly looked like piss, erg, I mean pale ale.

The verdict? “Tastes like tap water.”

Hmmm. Try, try again?


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