Low Country Living

26 Jan

My little sister (no not that sister, not the one sailing for Jesus in warm Caribbean waters – my middle sister, the one stuck in slushy hell Indiana with me) is moving in a few weeks to Charleston, South Carolina. Anyone who has lived in the great white north will immediately understand why she would move south. Warm weather, pretty landscapes, southern charm, the ability to tan one’s skin beyond “translucent” in the winter months. Yeah, we have tanning beds here, but GAH they are so 2001 that those who know better just stay far away and very pale for 6 months. Trade off?

So, she’s going down there this week for job and apartment searching, etc. Because I am the world’s most amazing sibling, I’ve already taken care of finding her (with significant other in tow) a lovely place to live while they settle in to the city. I present:

A mere $13 million. With 15,000 square feet. Perfect for two unemployed, recent college grads just trying out a new city. The price tag buys a lot of space, but not necessarily (my) style. So I’d redecorate a few areas like this:

Source: Coastal Living

A pretty, breezy sunroom with a series of french doors opening out to the large covered deck and lower pool area. Perfect for reading a book and relaxing with a gin and tonic while your husband cooks you dinner out on the grill and your (future) children take turns memorizing the periodic table in the study.

A picturesque hall leading out palmettos and prize winning rose gardens. Just the place to trade your Louboutains for wellies when you go outside to get the latest news and gossip from the gardener.

The downstairs kitchen – because a house like this would clearly have more than one spot for cooking.  Not that you’d actually do anything like that. For $13 mil, Paula freaking Deen better live upstairs.

Your living room. Light and airy. It’ll take Brad & Angie’s brood to make it look like anyone actually lives here, and you’ll want to invest in your own dry cleaners to keep everything looking crisp.

This is the actual deck and pool you’ll find in the backyard of this historical Charleston home. A beautiful location for throwing an engagement party, baby shower or college-style keg bash for all your new friends.

I’m quite ready to visit already, but for now, I’ll just remain jealous that little sister is moving on to warmer climates and new adventures.


One Response to “Low Country Living”

  1. Leah February 9, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    I’ll take it! Thanks for doing the legwork for me Jenna! I wish I could attach some pictures of the “treasures” I found during my visit. In my price range, the apartments are a little more historic…meaning they haven’t been updated/remodeled in hundreds of years. I’ll have to settle for something a little less grand for now, but I look forward to hosting you, Steve and Banner in my $13 million home in a few years.

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