Weekend, briefly

24 Jan

This young man celebrated his 21st birthday – in style. My little brother (in-law; technicality) has been counting down the days to this blessed event ever since his high school graduation. Those who know him have watched him grow, mature, and get plastered at family wedding showers. While some might be surprised that he wasn’t already 21, no one would be shocked that he did a trial run the week before. Just for practice. He is Catholic after all.

Not a group to miss out on any excuse for a party (Catholic remember?) the entire family came in to celebrate. This involved excessive house cleaning on my part.

As is necessary in this town, we journeyed to Nick’s and played “Sink the Biz.” The second-least sanitary drinking game ever invented (only behind BEER PONG, duh), but solid family fun nonetheless. Everyone is a winner – even the losers.

Chicken noodle soup with jalapeño and cilantro. And cookies. And mussels, french fries, french toast and chicken fingers. With scrambled eggs and bacon. I’m totally on a diet.

Not pictured: Dinner with friends at Finch’s, NFL playoffs (Go Colts), “Weeds” on Netflix, gin and tonic.


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