Faux Pas? Debate.

16 Apr

thank-you-2A job candidate for a position in my office sent the most adorable thank you cards. Super cute – I want them. I really love thank you cards, what can I say? The girl with the good cards didn’t get the job. How uber-tacky would it be to mention the cards and ask where they came from (she works in my building, in another position)?

My gut says, “Jenna you fool, you already have 250 effing thank you cards at home, and you’ll be so sick of writing thank you’s before the wedding even happens that you’ll barf at the sight of another one by July. Forget about it.”

P.S. The girl who got the job – great, sharp, perfect for the position. Her thank you’s? Eh, not bad.

P.P.S. Faux pas is a great phrase. FUN to say. Even more fun to hear other people mispronounce.


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