Upgrade for my residence

2 Mar


Mr. Obama and his large, fancy tax credits have pushed the fiance and I into house hunting. He’ll be moving to my small-ish college town this spring, and we figured that finding a decent starter home in between wedding showers and wedding planning might spice up our already packed schedule. If all goes as planned, my stress levels will be racketing up to mach five.

I’ve watched more than my fair share of HGTV, and have a (perhaps) overdone list of “must haves” which is obviously not in line AT ALL with our budget. I went to see house #1 last week and may have gotten carried away talking about knocking down walls and adding new pedestal sinks. Please, creating an open floor plan a few weeks before your wedding is a sure-fire way to marital bliss right?

We’re going out with the realtor on Saturday to see all that this depressed housing market and shitty economy can offer.


One Response to “Upgrade for my residence”

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