Just waiting on the tsunami

9 Jun

When I was 15, our barn burnt to the ground in a blaze of glory. The scene was one from out of Backdraft, and when it was over, there was nothing left. Earlier this year, we had a chimney fire at our lake house, which destroyed a substantial part of the upstairs and roof areas. Nothing says fun like a northern Michigan spring break, coupled with a little house fire to top off the excitement. Back at home, we had an earthquake in April. Nothing serious, hardly any damage – just a little rattling which woke me up in the middle of the night. Then, to cover yet another natural disaster, God sent a flood to wipe out my dad’s office this weekend. Somehow, we missed the memo and failed to get our ark built in time.

 The office is outside the flood plain, and still had over 24 inches of water standing in the office and shop areas. Outside the flood plain also means no insurance, which translates into devastation and a really ticked off parent. So for now, we sit and wait, to see if ole GW will send us some federal fast cash for the cleanup. In the meantime, I might have to get my hands dirty and sandbag for the next rainstorm coming tonight.

There are many things to be thankful for, and certainly that no one has been injured in any of these small disasters is one of them. We’ll see just how strong my family, built by the steel business, will be this week.


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