Bar Review

12 May

My 19 year-old self would be really pissed that I’m participating in something called bar review, a review that isn’t full of beer tastings and scrutinizing the bar stools and bathrooms of various drinking establishments around town. It ends up, bar review is just like school, only MUCH WORSE. The classes are longer, most days start with a test and then follow with a lecture which forces you to realize that you are a serious dumbshit. We were told today that a score of 40-50% on our evidence questions meant that you are on the right track, and shouldn’t be worried. That’s if you can forget the fact that you’re technically failing the subject.

The pure irony of graduating on a Saturday and showing up for class again bright and early on Monday morning was not lost on me – I rather refused to acknowledge its presence by grumbling over my coffee. Coffee of course, which was provided by yours truly as $800 is only enough for Kaplan to fork over a couple of workbooks and a complimentary glass of water in our study room. Thank God for the free pencils though.


One Response to “Bar Review”

  1. Jackie May 12, 2008 at 10:19 pm #

    don’t forget the free embassy suite notepads … they rocked. oh yes, and the very spacious tables.

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