Upgrade for dinner

29 Apr

Here I will advocate for an upgrade to organic beef. Last week in my excursion to the white suburbia mecca of Costco, three pounds of organic beef were purchased. Not only was the packaging far superior to the masses of ground beef in Styrofoam piled in the next section, but it really does make you feel better about yourself in comparison to the schlep shopping nearby. We all like to feel superior don’t we?

To be honest, it tastes just the same as regular ole hormone-filled beef to me. However, my palate can only pick up subtle distinctions when I’m test tasting donuts. Despite the lack of actual taste difference, it allows me to continue to think of my burgers happily grazing in an open and lush green field, rather than being force fed Ah-nuld’s leftover ‘roids for lunch.

FAQ’s on buying organic


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